Daily Parking – Booking Reservations

No. Prepaid reservations are for motor vehicles only. Please note that not all facilities accept bicycles or motorcycles. Please refer to the actual location to confirm parking availability. Facility phone numbers are located on the website and IconGO app as you select a facility on the search screen.

No! Our facilities are paper-free. While you are welcome to bring a printed copy of your reservation with you to our facility, you are not required to do so. This will not apply to IconGO app customers using the mobile check-in and check-out feature, which will enable you to check-in and out directly on your phone (in the app). The IconGO app will prompt you to show your pre-paid mobile reservation receipt marked “PAID” to the parking attendant prior to leaving the facility. You must show the receipt on your screen to the parking attendant before departing.

No. You can purchase reservations through our website or app as a guest each time. All we’ll need from you when you book is an email address, so we can send your reservation confirmation and your credit card information for prepayment. However, creating an account on our website or downloading the IconGO app brings many benefits exclusive to registered users. These are not available to guest users. 

The exclusive benefits include:

  • Mobile self-check-in and check-out once in the garage on the app (IconGO app only)
  • Manage trips – View past and upcoming trips. Save and View/Forward/Print receipt of past trips
  • Save reservations for upcoming trips
  • Manage payment options – Save Credit Cards for quick payments
  • Refer a friend and earn parking credits (IconGO app only)
  • Accumulate and use parking credits for future parking
  • Create a list of favorite garages and perform quick booking (IconGO app only)
  • Find Where I Parked (IconGO app only)
  • Manage Vehicle – Can save vehicle details (IconGo app only)
  • Get notified about promotions and deals in future

It definitely pays to be a registered user!

Almost all Icon and Quik Park facilities charge up to $15 fee per 24 hour period for oversized vehicles. This fee is assessed by the on-site staff and paid upon departure from the garage. The general rule that determines if a vehicle is oversize requires the vehicle to be 181 inches or longer or 65 inches in height or higher. Accessories added to a vehicle, such as a bike rack or roof storage container, can also increase the general size of the vehicle and place it into the oversize category. 

You can visit our website at https://iconparkingsystems.com/oversized to see a sample listing of oversized vehicles. The list does not represent all vehicles that could be considered oversized. Other makes and models of similar size to the vehicles listed would also be subject to the additional oversize amount. Please refer to the actual location to determine if the vehicle is considered oversize.

Note that due to zoning and configuration, some facilities do not accept oversized vehicles at all. If you have any questions, please call the facility directly beforehand. Facility phone numbers are provided on reservation confirmation emails and on the website and IconGO app as you select a facility on the search screen.

All taxes and fees are included in the price that you see on the app or website! However, a surcharge of up to $15 per 24 hour period will be collected at the location if your vehicle is determined to be an oversized vehicle. This is payable at the garage directly and is assessed on-site by the valet attendant. The general rule that determines if a vehicle is oversize requires the vehicle to be 181 inches in length or longer or 65 inches in height or higher.

Lastly, we never include tips in our reservations. We want this to be at the discretion of the customer based on your experience at the facility.

Our IconGO app and website sets the default search time to 2 hours. The rates listed in the orange search bubbles reflect the price you would pay for the duration selected. These rates are only valid if you reserve online. For a proper rate estimate, update your search by adjusting the dates and times, and you will be able to compare the cost of parking at various Icon or Quik Park locations.