Why didn’t Autopay run after I transferred to a new garage?

When you transferred garages, you were assigned a new account number. If you haven’t already, please link your new account number to your online account. 

Under My Monthly Parking, click Add Monthly Account

You will need: 

  • Your 7- or 8-digit account number* 
  • Your billing zip code from your monthly invoice. 

*Note: When entering your account number, you only need to enter the 7 or 8 numbers found after the hyphen. (i.e., Account # XXXX – 123 456 78). No need to enter your spot or space number in front of the hyphen

You will need to re-enter any saved payment information and activate autopay under the new account number.

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We are pleased to announce that for any Icon and Quik Park locations temporarily impacted or inaccessible due to these events, any prepaid reservations or coupons will be honored at any of our other 300+ locations.