What is an oversize vehicle?

Almost all Icon and Quik Park facilities charge up to $15 fee per 24 hour period for oversized vehicles. This fee is assessed by the on-site staff and paid upon departure from the garage. The general rule that determines if a vehicle is oversize requires the vehicle to be 181 inches or longer or 65 inches in height or higher. Accessories added to a vehicle, such as a bike rack or roof storage container, can also increase the general size of the vehicle and place it into the oversize category. 

You can visit our website at https://iconparkingsystems.com/oversized to see a sample listing of oversized vehicles. The list does not represent all vehicles that could be considered oversized. Other makes and models of similar size to the vehicles listed would also be subject to the additional oversize amount. Please refer to the actual location to determine if the vehicle is considered oversize.

Note that due to zoning and configuration, some facilities do not accept oversized vehicles at all. If you have any questions, please call the facility directly beforehand. Facility phone numbers are provided on reservation confirmation emails and on the website and IconGO app as you select a facility on the search screen.

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