Reservations are not available during the times I need to park. What location can I park at instead?

If a reservation is not available during the hours you selected, the location may be sold out, or, may be closed during part of that time period. Please click here (PDF link) for a list of locations that are in full operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and other locations with amended hours of operation.

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We are pleased to announce that for any Icon and Quik Park locations temporarily impacted or inaccessible due to these events, any prepaid reservations or coupons will be honored at any of our other 300+ locations. CATEGORIES Icon News NYC Parking Tips Other RECENT POSTS Make Mother’s Day Special – Tips and Parking Discounts! Earth Day Eco-Tips From Icon and Quik Park Valentine’s Day Parking Tips (and Discounts!) New Year’s Eve in NYC: Driving Tips and Deals